Dark Star (1919)

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This is one of Marion Davies' earliest features and it represents the worst aspects of her career. It was her second film under the direction of Allan Dwan; her first for him, Getting Mary Married, had been an amusing light comedy, just right for Davies' talents. In this melodrama, however, she just about falls on her face. The plot itself sounds pretty ridiculous, with Davies as Rue Carew, is an American girl raised in Turkey. When her missionary father (Fred Hearn) dies, she travels to the States with his effects, among them an idol containing military plans. German and French spies are after these plans. Luckily, Rue hits it off with Jim Neeland (Norman Kerry), who is working for the French. When the German spies realize that Rue knows the plans by heart, they consider her dangerous and plot to kill her. On the boat to France, they dose Neeland's soup with sleeping pills and tie him and Rue together in his stateroom with a bomb that will blow up the whole ship. Rue, although bound, manages to grab a gun and shoot both the bomb's mechanism and a pitcher of water to put out the resulting flames. The gunshots bring help, and, in spite of a few more troubles, Rue and Neeland make it to France and the bad guys are rounded up.