Dangerous Friends (1926)

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T. Roy Barnes was a comedian whose most memorable appearances were as support to more illustrious comics such as Buster Keaton (in Seven Chances) and W.C. Fields (in It's a Gift). The pictures in which he himself was the star are pretty much forgettable, such as this low-budget light comedy. Barnes plays Gusty Gale, a charming bluffer who can fool everyone but his father-in-law, Mr. Barker (Burr McIntosh). Gale seems to have a new job every other day, even though his bank account doesn't reflect any great source of income. In addition, he likes going out, but his wife, Money (Marjorie Gay), prefers to stay home. Gale goes dancing anyway with a neighbor, Linda Betts (Gertrude Short) -- her wimp of a husband (Arthur Hoyt) doesn't put up a fight. When the couple doesn't return from their night on the town, their spouses go looking for them, only to have their car break down. When they return home, Gale and Linda are already there and accuse them of a romance. Money angrily goes home to her folks, but then her father discovers that Gale owns some swampland that he needs for his own business interests. Gale sells the land to his father-in-law for a hefty sum, and is reconciled with his wife.



domination [influence], extramarital-affair, family, friendship, husband, pregnancy