Dan Oniroku Shoujo Mokuba-zeme (1982)

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The original title of this sadomasochistically-themed pinku eiga film from Fumihiko Kato (making his directorial debut) makes it appear to be derived from the writings of popular Japanese S&M novelist Oniroku Dan, but the film itself is clearly the work of screenwriter Takashi Ishii, best known for the popular Angel Guts series. For one thing, there are characters named Nami (Serina Nishikawa) and Muraki (Shiro Shimomoto), a bizarre staple of every Ishii film save for 1985's Scent of a Spell. In this case, Nami is a masochistic high school student who is attacked and almost raped by a gang of hoodlums before being rescued by handsome teacher Muraki. The near-miss triggers bizarre hallucinations in Nami, and she imagines herself engaged in various S&M situations with Muraki, in which she is beaten, forced to urinate, and tortured on the titular wooden horse. The hallucinations grow progressively more real (and exciting) to Nami, and soon Muraki is accused of raping her and loses his teaching position. Two years later, Muraki enters an S&M nightclub where Nami is employed as a performer. Nami is overjoyed to see her former teacher at the club, particularly because he is so bitter and enraged that he finally wants to give her the beating she desires, yet he is so upset that he has a coronary and dies at her feet. Wistfully, Nami realizes that the ultimate joy for a real masochist is for all fantasies to remain unfulfilled and to stay tantalizing and unattainable dreams. A provocative and thoughtful examination of desires rarely explored with any seriousness in Western genre cinema, this is a must-see for all Japanese exploitation devotees. Kazuyo Ezaki and Asami Ogawa co-star.