Curious Conduct of Judce Legarde (1915)

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All the exteriors to this crime drama (adapted from the play by Victor Mapes) were created indoors -- a rarity in the 1910s, when interior sets were built roofless to make use of exterior sunlight. Lionel Barrymore has a meaty role as Judge Randolph Legarde, who becomes a dual personality when he is kicked in the head by a horse. During the day he is the stern man who has convicted an innocent servant, Amelia Garside (Edna Pendleton), of theft; at night he becomes a thief who works with a gang of burglars. During his rounds of the underworld, he becomes involved with Amelia, while during the day he remains faithful to his fiancee, Agnes Caverly. Legarde's last big heist turns out to be his own home. A stool pigeon informs the police and they round up the crooks and witness the judge's transformation from thief to upstanding member of society. With the help of a brain specialist, Legarde is restored to his normal self, full time, and while Amelia is finally absolved of the theft, she loses her sweetheart when he disappears into the far recesses of the judge's psyche.