Cupid's Target (1915)

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Oliver Hardy was billed as Babe Hardy during his tenure at Lubin in the mid-1910s, where he quickly became one of their leading comedians (still, it would be more than a decade before he truly hit his stride by teaming up with Stan Laurel). In this melancholy split-reel comedy he plays Bobby, the victim of unrequited love. The object of his affections is Lucy (Frances Ne Moyer), whose beau, Marty (Jerold T. Hevener, who also directed), pitches for the local baseball team. During a game, Lucy reveals that Marty constantly sends her flowers. Believing that this is the way to her heart, Bobby looks for work so he can buy her a bouquet. He finds a job at a carnival, sticking his head through a sheet so that people can throw baseballs at him. One of the first customers is Marty, who has Lucy in tow. Marty hits him every time and Bobby quits. On his way home, he is hit by a car and the apologetic driver gives him a wad of bills. Bobby runs to the florist and buys the bouquet, only to discover moments later that Lucy has married Marty. The lovesick young man lays down on his bed with the flowers on his chest like a funeral arrangement.