Cupid's Rival (1917)

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Charles Chaplin's best imitator, Billy West, stars in this two-reel comedy. As the janitor of the De Luxe Apartments, however, West has little to do with the plot, which involves the soap-opera-like lives of the apartment's tenants. Daub, a poor artist, can only pay the rent by painting a picture of the landlord. But his inspiration is dampened when he thinks that his sweetheart, Ethel (Ethel Burton), is having an affair with Hyflyer, another, more successful artist who lives in the same apartments. The pair fight it out and Daub ruins one of Hyflyer's paintings of Ethel. Meanwhile, the elevator operator has destroyed Daub's painting of the landlord while chasing after a mouse. To save the situation, the elevator boy dresses up as the landlord and pretends to be the painting. Ethel does the same for the destroyed painting of her. As can only happen in a silent comedy, the ruse works! All throughout the film, Billy -- who has a rivalry going on with the elevator boy -- has been creating havoc. When he discovers that his nemesis is pretending to be a painting, he proceeds to let him have it. Havoc ensues.