Crystal Gazer (1917)

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It seems like most actors of the silent era undertook a dual role at least once in their careers; in this film, Fannie Ward plays three characters. Rose Jorgenson (Ward) has two daughters, Rose (Ward) and Norma (Ward). When mother Rose dies, daughter Rose is adopted by a wealthy family and becomes engaged to a nice young man, Dick Alden (Harrison Ford, in a stock role for him). Norma, on the other hand, is raised in poverty and becomes the medium to hypnotist Calistro (Jack Dean). Calistro works a society gathering where he sees Rose, and when he puts Norma under and asks some pertinent questions, he becomes convinced that the two are sisters. He uses this information to blackmail Rose, and she breaks up with Dick because she is sure that she will be ostracized. Dick, angry at the split, proposes to Norma. Calistro's wife kills him when he makes a pass at Norma; Rose hears of this and goes to live with her sister. A fire breaks out at their home, and Norma saves Rose but she herself dies in the fire.