Crook's Tour (1933)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

This comedy features the odd-looking duo of Douglas Wakefield and Billy Nelson and was one of the weirder films to come out of Hal Roach studios. A group of gangsters has been taking a vacation in Europe and is now headed back to the States. Before their ship sails, one of the men is having a drink in a bar when he meets Wakefield and Nelson. They are dressed up in fancy clothing because they're supposed to be walking advertisements -- there's actually a dartboard on Wakefield's back. The crook, however, mistakes Wakefield for a duke and insists he and Nelson must come on board to meet his wife (Gertrude Astor). They oblige -- for ten dollars -- only to discover that the boat has left the port with them. They are at the mercy of the crook's eight-year-old daughter, who does a startling imitation of Mae West and who likes to play with machine guns. Wakefield unintentionally gets tangled up with another gangster's wife, then swallows some nitroglycerin and begins to spit firebombs. The film ends with Wakefield marrying the first gangster's elder daughter (Alberta Vaughn), but since he's still full of nitroglycerin, he explodes.