Crooked Romance (1917)

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Mary Flynn (Gladys Hulette) is the daughter of a thief (Paul Clerget), who has made her his partner in crime. One night, while they are caught robbing a home, Mary escapes, but the father is apprehended. The home belongs to one Gifford Cannon (William Parke, Jr.), and a few days later, he runs into Mary and recognizes her as the thief who got away. He tells her it is wrong to steal, and she takes his words to heart. After spending some time trying to forge an honest living, she finds a baby and decides to keep it. Since she isn't making great wages by scrubbing floors, shining shoes, and whatnot, she decides to try a little crime on the side. She gets caught, and it is discovered that the baby belongs to Cannon's family, so once again Mary meets up with him. It turns out that she was only the crook's adopted daughter, which makes her an acceptable mate to the respectable young man. The director of this film was William Parke, father of the actor who played Cannon.