Crook of Dreams (1919)

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Constance (Louise Huff) lives in a den of crooks -- her brother Sam (Kempton Green), her mother (Josephine Williams) and her father (Edward Elkas) are all criminals. When the parents are thrown in jail, Sam pawns Constance off as Constance Waldron, the long-lost daughter of a wealthy widow who has slowly been going crazy because she misses the girl so much. Even though Mrs. Waldron's companion, Laura Campbell (Florence Billings), sees through the ruse, she allows it to go on because it improves the woman's mental health. Constance is showered with fine clothes and affection and becomes engaged to a young lawyer, Charles Hadwin (Frank Mayo). But Laura finally becomes so jealous of all the attention Constance is getting that she tells her she knows she is a fake. Then her parents are released from jail and Sam tries to blackmail her by bringing the mother to the Waldron home. But Mrs. Waldron recognizes the woman as her old nursemaid -- and it turns out that Constance is really Mrs. Waldron's daughter after all.