Crimson Shoals (1919)

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Francis Ford -- elder brother of director John Ford -- was the whole show in this strapping drama. He directed it, wrote it, and played all three lead roles: father, son, and grandson. Thomas Fielding (Ford) and William Quinn (Pete Gerald) are bitter rivals. Fielding owns Crimson Shoals, an uncharted island rich in coral. His son, Frederick (Ford), wants to develop Crimson Shoals and its assets, so he leaves the U.S. for the island. But before he leaves he secretly marries Quinn's daughter, Marguerite (Eda Emerson). Marguerite dies shortly after having a baby and her father raises the boy, Jack, as his own. As a young man, Jack (Ford yet again) is put in charge of the concern at Crimson Shoals, and Frederick returns to the States. But as soon as he has left, receipts start falling off. Frederick is ready to put the blame on Jack, who he doesn't realize is his son, in spite of the marked resemblance. It's really coral smugglers, however, who are causing the trouble. Thomas and Frederick both head back to the island and are captured by the smugglers. Jack comes to their rescue and his true identity as Frederick's son is finally established.