Crazy Spirit (1987)

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Another Hong Kong fantasy film featuring Peter Chan (Encounter of the Spooky Kind) as a sinister Taoist master, this family oriented film from director Chin Yuet-sang is likely to appeal to younger viewers than the usual Chan vehicle. Shum Wai plays Chau, the owner of a jewelry store who travels to Thailand to find the Taoist master Te (Chan), a specialist in Mao Shan magic, in order to produce an heir to whom he can pass his legacy. Chau goes home and Te performs a ritual to create a spirit baby. He encases it in an amulet, then goes to Hong Kong to give it to Chau. Unfortunately, Te loses the amulet in a taxicab and it is found by a nurse named Alice Hwang (Sibelle Hu). Alice is married to Lei Wei (Ray Lui), a policeman who is extremely frustrated with his wife's apparent inability to conceive a child, a feeling which has begun to result in the deterioration of their relationship. Meanwhile, Te is trying to cast spells to get the spirit baby back, but only succeeds in shattering the amulet's case. Alice cuts her finger on the broken glass and her blood drips on the amulet, creating an apparently normal child. Of course, the child is not normal, and what begins as seemingly innocent mischief becomes increasingly dangerous to Alice and Wei, unless Te can somehow remove the spirit from the earthly plane. Notable primarily for an exciting finale choreographed by Power Lee and Wong Wai-tong, the film co-stars Phillip Chan, Tai Po, and Lam Wai.