Courage of Marge O'Doone (1920)

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All the elements are here that one would expect from a picture based on a story by James Oliver Curwood: it takes place in the wilds of the Northwest, there are evil trappers (one of them happens to be a young Boris Karloff), and there is a courageous animal, or in this case two -- a grizzly bear and "Baree, the outlaw dog." When Michael O'Doone (George Stanley) takes off to tend to an Indian family, his wife Margaret (Billie Bennett) is attacked by a lusty trapper. Michael believes that the trapper took advantage of his wife, and it causes them to separate. For some reason, their daughter Marge (Pauline Starke) grows amongst some rough characters and away from her mother, with her only friend a trained grizzly. After Easterner David Raine (Niles Welch) sees a picture of Marge that was left on a train, he comes looking for her. Eventually, he saves her from a bunch of villains, and they end up together. Then after all these years O'Doone finds out that his wife wasn't violated after all, and they reunite.