Couples Complices (1989)

Countries - France   |   MPAA Rating - R
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Synopsis by Robert Firsching

Cheung Chi-kok directed this minor Hong Kong romantic comedy starring Jacky Cheung and Cherie Chung as John and Mary, a couple who are asked to take care of their bickering friends' baby and learn that they are quite adept as parents. The baby, quixotically named "Snow White" due to having seven spots on the bottom of one foot, grows on them during the month they look after her, and they miss Snow when the real parents take her back home. That's when Mary decides she wants a baby of her own, but John -- who wants to avoid both marriage and the added responsibility which raising a child from cradle to college would entail -- opposes the idea. Mary does her best to get her way, poking holes in John's condoms and serving him one reputed aphrodisiac after another to speed the process. Mary is successful at becoming pregnant, and leaves John almost immediately, taking an apartment with her sister, whose own marriage has hit the skids. This sets up numerous farcically comic situations, one of which -- the dilemma of Dick Szutu (Melvin Wong), who believes he has AIDS -- might seem out of place to Western audiences, but is handled without too much bad taste. Veteran filmmakers Corey Yuen and Wu Ma appear as Boy Scouts, and Lowell Lo co-stars with Lawrence Cheng.