Country That God Forgot (1916)

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Steve Brant (Thomas Santschi) and Cal Hearn (George Fawcett) are miners in a desolate part of the West. Brant's young wife Helen (Mary Charleson) longs for the finer things in life and both men want to see her have them. Craig Wells, a government paymaster (Charles Gerrard), comes through town and tempts Helen with tales of the outside world. She agrees to run off with him, and their plans are overheard by Brant. He's stunned by this, but he wants desperately to see his wife happy, so he hides his savings in Helen's pack-saddle. Hearn insists on putting his money in, too. But after the wayward couple have taken off, a posse arrives and announces that Wells has stolen money from the government, so they all give chase. Helen, meanwhile, has discovered her husband's monetary gift and insists on returning it. Wells refuses, and she points a gun at him. In the ensuing struggle, Helen is shot. The pursuers find Helen seriously wounded, and Brant takes her to the doctor while the others continue the chase. Wells is caught and hung, while Helen, who is recovering from her wound, finally learns to appreciate her husband. Even though this film ran too long for its plot, it still shows touches of brilliance, thanks to the direction of Marshall Neilan.