Convict 993 (1918)

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Convict 993 (otherwise known as Roslyn Ayre) is Irene Castle. But don't think this criminal role is out of character for the stylish Castle. Right at the start, she breaks out of prison, and the next thing you know, she is living in luxury and being courted by rich society swain Travers (Harry Benham). But one of Roslyn's fellow inmates, Neva Stokes (Helene Chadwick), gets released and threatens to blow her cover unless she do a job with her and head crook Mallory (Warner Oland). Roslyn agrees, and the thieves attends a weekend party she is holding. They intend to steal jewels from one of the guests, but Mallory takes Roslyn aside and suggests that they double-cross the gang and keep the loot for themselves. Reluctantly, she agrees, but when she and Mallory grab the jewels and attempt escape, the rest of the gang catches them. Then, in a surprise ending, Roslyn reveals herself to be a detective and turns the whole bunch of them over to the cops.