Conscience of John David (1916)

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John David (Crane Wilbur) has long ago left his conscience behind to lead a life of dissipation. While he is throwing a dinner for his parasitic friends, a ragged stranger turns up -- it turns out to be David's long-lost conscience. While the party is going on, a telegram arrives announcing that David has lost his fortune. All his friends -- excepting Conscience, of course, take their leave. He goes to the home of his fiancee, and he finds another man there. The two of them fight and the other man falls dead. The frightened David heads West where he falls in love with the sheriff's daughter. They are about to be married when his conscience urges him to take responsibility for the murder. But yet again, a telegram arrives. This one, however, bears better news: It turns out that a disgruntled Japanese servant actually killed the man while the struggle was going on. David is cleared of the murder, and he, his new bride, and his conscience all head into the sunset. Star Crane Wilbur was also responsible for the story to this average program feature.