Confession (1918)

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After their wedding, Mary (Jewel Carmen) and Bob Anderson (L.C. Shumway) head off for a country inn. But their honeymoon plans are ruined when their car is held up by robbers. The crooks take everything, including Mary's wedding ring, and when they arrive at the inn, the clerk (Jack Brammall) won't give them a room because they have no luggage. So they go to a public parlor to sit out the night. While he is outside smoking, Bob hears someone scream and he dashes to the room where he heard the noise. He finds a woman lying dead and picks up the knife lying nearby The clerk rushes in and accuses Bob of the crime. He is arrested and convicted of murder. Mary and her father (Fred Warren) return to the inn to try to find the real killer. They know there have been robberies at the hotel, so she dresses herself up in a lot of jewels and they wait. On the second night, the thief appears, and it turns out to be the clerk. He admits to the murder, and Mary rushes to the governor to stay Bob's execution. But she arrives too late and -- then she wakes up back in the hotel parlor. Bob is asleep beside her and she realizes it has all been a dream. Her father arrives soon after to settle matters with the clerk, and the couple's honeymoon can finally begin.