Conceit (1921)

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Although the plot to this Northwoods tale reads like a comedy, it was apparently meant to be a drama. William Crombie (William B. Davidson) thinks the world can be had for money. He uses his fortune to buy Agnes (Hedda Hopper) as his wife, but then he neglects her. When another man comes along, Crombie is not able to hold her. Then he goes on a hunting trip, where the other men ridicule him because without his guides, he can't bag any deer. Frustrated, Crombie goes out into the wilderness by himself and promptly gets lost. He is taken in by a woodsman who is living with a pretty young girl named Jennette (Betty Hilburn). Crombie falls for her and tries to convince her to run off with him. When the woodsman suggests that they fight over the girl, however, he chickens out. Back home, he finds his wife is still involved with someone else. Crombie finally decides he must learn to be a man and hires a trainer. Once he knows how to fight, he beats up his wife's love and tells her he wants a divorce. Then he heads into the forest, but he finds the woodsman near death and Jennette nursing him. At the girl's urging he fetches a doctor, and, when he returns, he fights off a half-breed who is attacking her. The woodsman recovers and offers to let Crombie have Jennette, but he turns him down. Back at the hunting lodge, he finds his wife waiting for him and the couple are reconciled.



bear, courage, coward, daughter, guide, hunting, husband, refuge, reputation