Coming Power (1914)

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Lionel Adams plays that fantasy figure that could only exist in the imaginations of pre-Teapot Dome America -- a politician who is beyond corruption. The idealistic Frank Norman (Adams) wins popularity through his speeches, which are written by Ruth Ellis (Edith Luckett), a crippled girl whose life mission is to bring justice to the corrupt city in which she lives. When Norman becomes a gubernatorial candidate, scheming financier John Carter (William Crimmins) tries to figure out a way to control him. But Norman can't be bribed, so Carter has to get craftier. He enlists the help of Vera (Anna Rose), the daughter of his associate, Miron Mendell. Vera, however, doesn't have any better luck in getting Norman to accept dirty money. In fact, her admiration for him grows because of this, and she befriends him and Ruth. Carter refuses to admit defeat, and he has Norman framed for a shooting and put behind bars, which immediately disqualifies him from running for office. But Vera and Norman's political manager are able to track down the wounded man, who clears the candidate's name. Norman is released and all his enemies are sent to jail -- except for Carter, who dies of heart failure when he is confronted by one of his vengeful victims. Norman wins the race, but Ruth dies the night of the election. She has a beautiful vision of Justice lending her hand to the working man, with Truth and Honesty sharing high places in the world of politics. Before she finally leaves this mortal coil, she places Norman's hand in Vera's, indicating her approval of their match.