Cold Feet (1922)

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For this travesty of a Northwest Mounted Police film, the crew from the Christie studios actually shot on location in the north. The story goes that they needed snow scenes and prayed there wouldn't be a thaw -- and they got snowed in for a week. Mabel (Viora Daniels) avidly devours novels on the Northwest Mounted Police and chatters constantly about their adventures. Her father, who actually owns a trading post up north, quickly tires of this, and decides to cure her of her passion. He sends her to his post, where he has orchestrated a scenario just for her. Once she arrives, she finds a villain tossing a baby to the bears (which are actually men in bear skins). The "pride of the force" shows up -- but considering that it's diminutive Billy Bletcher, the villain makes short work of him. Just as Mabel's disillusionment reaches its peak, however, a heroic figure emerges -- it is "Cameron of the Mounted" (Earl Rodney). After giving the villain the deserved thrashing, he and Mabel walk off arm in arm.