Cloud Rider (1925)

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Bruce Torrence (Al Wilson) is an aviator and member of the secret service. His rival for the hand of Zella Wingate (Helen Ferguson) is Juan Lascelles, a drug smuggler (Harry Von Meter). To get rid of Torrence, Lascelles loosens a wheel on one of his planes, but Zella is the one who goes up in it. Torrence goes up in another plane and attaches a fresh wheel to Zella's plane. In spite of his efforts he later finds her in Lascelles' arms. Meanwhile, Zella's sister, Blythe (Virginia Lee Corbin), overhears Lascelles plotting with his henchmen, and she tells Torrence. He flies after the bad guys only to find that Blythe, who is hiding in the fuselage, has accidentally wrecked the control wires. They land in the woods, and he realizes that he loves her, not Zella (apparently he didn't mind her meddling with his plane's machinery). Lascelles finds them and tries to fly away with Blythe, but Torrence escapes and goes after them. Blythe fiddles with the controls and forces Lascelles' plane into the water. Torrence rescues her and sends Lascelles off to the authorities. Then he and Blythe fly off on a honeymoon. Aviator Al Wilson used his flying skills in a number of films throughout the 1920s.