Clothes (1920)

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Clothes, by playwrights Channing Pollock and Avery Hopwood, was a successful on stage because of its satire and witty dialogue. All this was lost when it was made into a motion picture and instead it became a mediocre drama: After the death of her father, Olivia Sherwood (Olive Tell) believes she has been left a big estate, so she freely indulges in her passion for nice clothes. But he actually hasn't left her anything -- her guardian, Arnold West (Cyril Chadwick) has been giving her the money with the hope that she will fall for him. When Olivia realizes the money is running out she makes a play for millionaire Richard Burbank (Crauford Kent), who mistakenly believes she is a virtuous young woman. Olivia can't stomach living such a lie and turns down his marriage proposal. At a party, West gets drunk and tries to attack Olive, but falls down a staircase and dies. Eventually Olivia stops being so mercenary and she and Burbank finally have a real romance.