City of Failing Light (1916)

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John Gray (Herbert Fortier) is a thoroughly disagreeable man. He and his wife (Octavia Handworth) are estranged and the workers at his electricity company are unhappy with conditions there. He contracts a serious illness which leaves him hospitalized and near death. The company's workers declare a strike, and the doctors are afraid any disturbance will kill John. Just then they see his easygoing brother, David (also played by Fortier). Since the two men are strikingly similar in appearance, the doctors ask David to take John's place until he gets better. David agrees, but his positive and caring approach to life is completely different from John's. The strikers proceed to cut the wires feeding electricity to the city, but when David assures them that their demands will be met, they splice the wires back together. Then he goes to John's home and his wife is surprised at the change in his attitude. David -- still pretending to be John -- is spending time with the wife and John's little boy when John comes home from the hospital. David sees him first and quickly pulls him aside. John has realized how miserable he made everyone and decided to change his ways, so David quietly asks him to take his proper place with his family. As he does so, David slips out the door, back to his own life.