Circumstantial Evidence (1920)

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This mystery was yet another one of the series of "Tex, Elucidator of Mysteries" features released by the long-forgotten Arrow film company. Here, Tex (Glen White) tells how he became the "Elucidator of Mysteries." He had been invited to the home of his old friend, Jack Nelson (David Wall), but the visit isn't very pleasant; Nelson's wife, Edna (Jane McAlpin), subtly comes on to Tex while Nelson has a fight with the butler, Frank (Leo Delaney). The argument results in Frank's firing. That night, Nelson is murdered. A knife is found on the floor the next morning and Edna grabs it. Tex, fearing she will kill herself, wrestles the knife out of her hands and throws it out the window. The detectives conclude that Tex was the murderer, and he goes to prison for a crime he didn't commit. After two years' imprisonment, Tex saves the warden's wife and child when a fire breaks out and he is given his freedom. Edna and the others from his old life snub him, and he goes in search of the butler, who be believes to be Nelson's killer. When he locates Frank in the underworld, he finds out that it was Edna who committed the murder. She is dying and he rushes to her side in time to hear her confession. Afterwards, he decides to devote his life to saving other innocent victims from being convicted on circumstantial evidence.