Chicken in the Case (1921)

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Owen Moore had been divorced from Mary Pickford for about a year when this farce comedy was released. Even so, Pickford's name was used to promote this film almost as often as were Moore's considerable talents as a farceur. Steve Perkins (Moore) is happily living on his uncle's wealth, and even sharing his good fortune with his friend and roommate, Percival Jones (Edgar Nelson). But the day comes when the uncle dies, and Perkins' share of the inheritance is left in the keeping of his crusty Aunt Sarah (Vivian Ogden). According to the will, Perkins will not come into the money until he is 44, and Aunt Sarah is not amenable to the idea of a loan. To make matters worse, Jones has just married his sweetheart, Winnie (Teddy Sampson), and is expecting some financial aid so they can have a decent honeymoon. Since Aunt Sarah has said that the only way she'll hand the money over early is if Perkins gets married, he temporarily commandeers Winnie. Aunt Sarah is so taken with the girl that she writes the check out to Mrs. Perkins. Out of luck, the Jones spend their honeymoon in New Jersey with Perkins, who meets his dream girl, Ruth Whitman (Katherine Perry), who is staying at her father's country home. Before Perkins gets to marry her, he has to deal with Aunt Sarah, who is shocked to find Jones in bed with Winnie, who she still believes is Perkins' wife. Eventually things are cleared up and Aunt Sarah is glad to see her wayward nephew properly settled down.



aunt, inheritance, love, romance, stipulation