Chicken a la Queen (1990)

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Prurient, shrill, racist, and virulently misogynistic, Hong Kong filmmaker Lee Hon-to's slice-of-low-life exploitation melodrama deals with the lives of teenage prostitutes on Temple Street. Bi-sheng (Sarah Lee) is deaf because of constant beatings in her childhood, but her problems don't stop there as she owes 100,000 dollars to her crazy pimp, has her hands smashed to a pulp with bricks, and throws up when she is forced to cater to a black client. Her friend Bi-qi (Loletta Lee) is also a prostitute, and is kidnapped by the pimp but is soon rescued by her gangster boyfriend Long (Roy Cheung), who turns out to be an undercover cop. Bi-sheng falls in love with Long, further complicating matters, and the trio attempt to outsmart the homicidal pimp (who may remind genre devotees of Wings Hauser's memorable performance in the similar American film Vice Squad) before he kills them all. Shing Fui-on (Cheetah on Fire) co-stars.