Charge It to Me (1919)

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Winnie and Elmer Davis (Margarita Fisher and Emory Johnson) have only been married a few weeks, but there's already a problem -- Davis refuses to give his wife an allowance and tells her if she needs anything to just charge it to him. She finds this situation less than satisfactory, especially since his birthday is coming up and she wants to buy him a present. In addition, one of Winnie's disgruntled former suitors, Howard Weston (Augustus Phillips), is getting back at Davis where it counts -- in his business transactions. To make some spending money, Winnie turns her car into a taxicab and before long she has several admiring customers. They all know she is married, however, and that she is saving up to get Davis a smoking jacket. The men all decide to buy her the jacket themselves and they show up at her house with their purchases. Davis arrives shortly thereafter to find his house littered with strange men. Weston has also brought him to brink of financial ruin, which isn't helping his mood any. But in the end, Weston comes clean about his motives, and Davis, finding himself the owner of a half-dozen smoking jackets, decides it's about time he gave his wife her own spending money.