Catnapped! (1995)

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Toriyasu and his little sister, Meeko, are a pair of average Japanese kids, each dealing with the disappearance of their dog, Papadoll, in their own way. Toriyasu is sullen and morose, while Meeko theorizes that he was abducted by aliens. Toriyasu chastises his sister for her flights of fancy, telling her there's no such thing as aliens -- but while she may have the culprits wrong, she's not far off. Later that night, a group of unusual cats -- wearing clothes, flight goggles, and capes -- attempt to abduct Toriyasu to the fanciful, colorful world of Banipal Witt. The cats have want Toriyasu to help stop Papadoll, who has spent too long under Banipal Witt's sun and has grown to an enormous size. Under the control of the Princess Buburina, the giant Papadoll is wreaking havoc on Banipal Witt. The evil Buburina, who can turn anything she touches into a balloon, wants to take over Banipal Witt, and it's up to the kids to rescue Papadoll and stop the princess -- before the sun rises and they turn into giant monsters too.