Casey's Birthday (1914)

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This Lubin split-reel comedy stars Mae Hotely (the wife of Lubin's Jacksonville, FL, director general, Arthur Hotaling), and features a brief appearance from film newcomer Oliver Hardy. To celebrate his birthday, Daniel Casey (Charles Barney) quits his job and proceeds to get drunk at the nearest bar. Casey has no idea that his wife (Hotely) has prepared a surprise party, and she sends family friend Mike Dooley (Billy Bowers) in search of him. By the time Casey is located, he is hammered, and when he arrives home he thinks the guests are burglars. A fight starts and the police (among them, Hardy) arrive on the scene. At first the partygoers kick out the cops, but everyone makes amends when the policemen are gifted with a barrel of beer. Casey throws a fit when the cake is presented to him. He throws all the guests out of his house and goes to sleep wrapped up in a rug.