Captain Kiddo (1917)

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Baby Marie Osborne -- the Shirley Temple of the 1910s -- somehow winds up in the middle of a smuggling melodrama in this film. Marie and her friend Billy (Ray Clark) are playing pirates and -- in a rare instance of early women's lib -- Marie is the pirate and Billy is her assistant. Marie's widowed mother (Marion Warner) becomes engaged to Mr. Cross (Harry Van Meter), whom Marie doesn't like -- she much prefers Jack Laird, a secret service man (Philo McCullough). Laird's investigation of opium smugglers leads him to suspect that Cross is involved, but Marie's mother refuses to let him be searched. Later, Cross invites Marie, her mother, and her pal Billy for a cruise on her yacht. During a game of hide and seek, Billy loses Marie completely. The whole ship is searched and Marie can't be found anywhere. The distraught party returns to shore, and when Billy tells Laird what happened, he goes looking for the little girl on his own. He finds her on a floating tank and rescues her. Cross turns out to be the leader of the smugglers, and to save the reputation of Marie's mother, Laird gives him 24 hours to flee the country.