Calibre 38 (1919)

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In the Montana cattle country, Austin Brandt (Mitchell Lewis) is dumped by his sweetheart, Rosemary (Mary Kennevean Carr), who runs off with bad guy Royce Greer (Edward F. Roseman). Brandt buries himself in work, and his only attachment is to his niece, Joan (Hedda Nova), who grows up pretty and very devoted to her uncle. Years later, after Joan is grown up, Greer returns to town with Rosemary, who has grown sick of her abusive husband, to open up a saloon and dance hall. Eastern capitalist Robert Barton (William A. Williams) comes to town with his son Ford (Victor Sutherland); Barton had some financial differences with Brandt, and not long after he arrives in town, he is found murdered. Ford believes Brandt did it, while Greer and his gang want to pin the killing on Ford. When Ford is thrown from his horse, Joan and Brandt take care of him, and he learns Brandt did not kill his father. Together they search for the real murderer, and are lead to Greer because he uses the same kind of gun that was used to shoot Barton. Greer and his men storm Brandt's house, demanding to see Ford, but Brandt turns the tables and exacts a confession from him instead. Greer is taken away, while Rosemary leaves town, after writing a note admitting her love for Brandt. Joan and Ford, meanwhile, wind up together.