Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: Wildfire (1994)

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Jack has been protesting Scharnhorst's use of gas mining pumps because she hasn't taken any safety precautions; a fire could easily destroy that part of the valley and put the entire city at risk of starvation or worse. His words fall on deaf ears until Hammer, using stolen dynamite to flush some dinosaurs out of the jungle, unwittingly starts a wildfire not 20 miles from the pumps. Recruiting the poachers as well as Jack and his people, Scharnhorst directs everyone to a research station where they can acquire nitroglycerin. Jack's plan: to blast a nearby shale ledge to create a natural firewall. The only problem is, can they navigate the treacherous terrain in time without setting off the nitro -- or Hammer's insubordination? (Original air date: January 28, 1994.)