Cadillacs and Dinosaurs : Remembrance (1993)

Run Time - 30 min.  |   Countries - Canada , United States   |  
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Synopsis by Emru Townsend

While being chased by a dinosaur, Jack and Hannah are saved by a strange container falling from its resting place and hitting it on the head. When they open the container, they find a sleeping man. Much to their surprise, he awakens -- calling himself Adamus. Displaying a strange unflappability, a calm curiosity, and amazing strength, Adamus claims to have gone to sleep in the capsule in the early 21st century. Jack brings Adamus to a remote farm run by an old friend in the hopes of keeping him away from Scharnhorst for the time being, but it turns out she's right there, along with Hammer and the Terhunes -- lured by a mysterious building that withstood a volcanic eruption, she has given the farmers irrigation equipment in exchange for the salvage rights. When Hammer spots Adamus, Scharnhorst becomes very interested -- and Jack does everything he can to keep him out of her hands, while trying to figure out who or what Adamus is. (Original air date: December 11, 1993.)