Bungs and Bunglers (1919)

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Comedian Jimmy Aubrey's films tried to make up in gags what they lacked in originality, but this particular two-reeler has little of either. Any bright moments it may have had are offered either by a Model T with elliptical wheels or Oliver Hardy, who even at this relatively early stage in his career, was being acknowledged as an exceptional talent. The girl who owns the local sweet shop can't come up with the mortgage and the landlord, Al K. Hall (Hardy), suggests marriage in lieu of cash. Jimmy becomes determined to help the girl out, and when he finds out that Hall stashes his "strew drops" (the secret ingredient of a valuable recipe) in a safe, he breaks into it. Even though he uses far more explosives than are needed to blow up the safe, he manages to get the drops to the girl, and her business picks up. Jimmy, however, is arrested, along with another man who had also tried to get the drops. The two of them escape from jail and get a ride back to the shop from a woman with a bunch of kids. The woman, it turns out, is the real Mrs. Hall, and she puts a halt to her husband's dirty dealings. Jimmy wins the girl.