Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Potential (2003)

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As Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Spike (James Marsters) train the potential slayers and educate them about the life-or-death battle into which they've been thrust, Willow (Alyson Hannigan) learns that another slayerette lurks right there atop Sunnydale's Hellmouth. A locator spell soon reveals the surprising truth: Like her older sister, Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) is a member of the slayer line. Confused by her sudden change in status, Dawn slips outside and bumps into her friend Amanda (Sarah Hagan), who reveals, at the risk of sounding crazy, that she's just been attacked at school by a vampire. Dawn tells her not to worry, that vampires are real, and the girls head to the school so Dawn can test her newfound powers. Unfortunately, the tricky bloodsucker outsmarts them; soon, Dawn is fighting for her life -- and not all that successfully. The First's Bringers interrupt the melee and attempt to kidnap Amanda, revealing to Dawn that it's actually her friend who's the potential. Dawn exhorts Amanda to take out the vamp, which the girl accomplishes as if she were born to do it. Meanwhile, Buffy and Spike show up, fresh from a brutal training exercise with the potentials, and dispatch the agents of The First. Back at the house, Dawn resumes her role as researcher and non-combatant. But Xander (Nicholas Brendon) -- no stranger to being the least powerful member of the team -- consoles her with tender words about the important role they both play. Originally broadcast January 21, 2003, on UPN, "Potential" marked episode 134 of the cult-favorite series.