Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Get It Done (2003)

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Now that he's "outed" himself as the son of a slayer, Principal Wood (D.B. Woodside) visits the potential-slayer compound at the Summers home. Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) proudly demonstrates the girls' rigorous training program, but her lessons seem too rough for at least one of the potentials. Spurred on by the sinister whisperings of The First, a terrified and depressed Chloe (Lalaine) hangs herself. Her death shatters the other slayerettes' naive illusion that this is all some sort of superhero summer camp. Buffy defiantly warns them that Chloe was stupid and they will be, too, if they give in as easily as the dead girl did. More desperate than ever for answers about her powers, Buffy turns to a gift from Wood: a bag of slayer artifacts passed on from his mother to her Watcher to Wood. Discovering a mysterious box among the items, Buffy opens it and soon finds herself transported to a spirit realm much like the one she visited during her encounters with the specter of the First Slayer (see "Restless" and "Intervention"). This time, however, she communes with the spirits of the three mystics who created the First Slayer back in prehistory. Buffy learns that this was accomplished by chaining a young girl down and filling her with demonic power. The trio offer Buffy the chance for more of this dark magic, but she refuses, unwilling to accept its demonic nature -- and her own. Meanwhile, back on earth, the Scoobies are stuck fighting a demon who switched places with Buffy when she did her disappearing act. Spike (James Marsters) vanquishes the beast, drawing Buffy back to earth, but not before she witnesses a terrifying vision of an entire army of ├╝ber-vamps like the one she recently almost died defeating (see "Showtime"). Originally broadcast Feb. 18, 2003, on UPN, "Get It Done" marked episode 137 of the cult-favorite series.