Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Doublemeat Palace (2002)

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Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) interrupts a recap of the latest attack from the super-nerd troika (see "Gone") with a startling announcement -- to make ends meet, she's taken a job...at a burger joint! Clad in an embarrassing orange uniform, the Slayer bravely confronts her first shift at the Doublemeat Palace, a fast-food restaurant where the workers all seem lifeless and morose -- when they show up to work at all. Depressed by her own minimum-wage lot in life, the Slayer continues her sweaty liaison with Spike (James Marsters). But when she's not busy having sex behind the dumpster on her dinner break, she grows disturbed by the company's rampant absenteeism and by rumors of a sinister mystery ingredient in the burgers. Buffy's worst fears are confirmed when human body parts show up near the meat grinder. Fired rather than rewarded for her grisly discovery, Buffy turns to the Scoobies for help. Willow (Alyson Hannigan), who's been fending off the forcible companionship of fellow magic junkie Amy (Elizabeth Anne Allen), uses some old-fashioned science to analyze the meat. As it turns out, though, the body parts and disappearances are the work of a particularly loyal customer who happens to be a demon. Vanquishing the beast, Buffy uses Willow's research into the Palace's secret recipe to secure renewed employment for herself. Elsewhere, Anya (Emma Caulfield) hooks up with Halfrek (Kali Rocha), an old vengeance-demon friend who questions the wisdom of Anya's upcoming nuptials to Xander (Nicholas Brendon). Originally broadcast January 29, 2002, on UPN, "Doublemeat Palace" marked episode 112 of the cult-favorite series.