Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Crush (2001)

Genres - Comedy  |   Sub-Genres - Sitcom [TV]  |   Run Time - 60 min.  |   Countries - USA  |  
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The obsessive love Spike (James Marsters) feels for Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) reaches a crossroads when Drusilla (Juliet Landau) arrives back in Sunnydale looking to rekindle their centuries-long love affair. By the time the mad predator shows up, a train full of corpses in her wake, Spike has slowly wormed his way into the position of annoying but useful ally to the Slayer. Troubled Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) has even taken to hanging out in the crypt of her sister's former nemesis, leading Buffy to conclude that the girl has a crush on Spike. The Slayer is shocked, then appalled, when Dawn tells her it's Spike who's in love -- with Buffy. The Slayer warns Spike not to even think about trying to start a romance, sending the hurt bloodsucker into the waiting arms of his ex. Dru convinces Spike to try to overcome the blinding pain his microchip-implanted brain inflicts on him whenever he tries to harm a human. He complies, assisting her in feeding on a happy couple at The Bronze. Back in Spike's crypt, just as the disgusted Buffy discovers the vampire's shrine to her, Dru arrives and knocks the Slayer out with a cattle prod. Spike leaps to Buffy's defense and before they know it both women find themselves strung upside down together. With Buffy repelled by Spike's advances and Dru revolted by his apparent love for the Slayer, a free-for-all breaks out. To complicate matters, airheaded vamp Harmony (Mercedes McNab) shows up, furious that Spike has once again used and discarded her. Somehow the beleaguered vampire gigolo survives all three women's fury, but he's dismayed when Buffy solidifies her rejection by having Willow (Alyson Hannigan) mystically revoke his ability to enter the Summers house uninvited. Originally broadcast February 13, 2001, on the WB network, "Crush" marked episode 92 of the cult-favorite series. Drusilla's visit to Sunnydale and sudden yearning for the comfort of her relationship with Spike follows her fiery near-death in the spin-off episode of Angel, "Redefinition."