Brothers Under the Chin (1924)

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Stan Laurel and James Finlayson play twins in this two-reel Hal Roach comedy. The picture starts off with the pair of them, as infants, left in an orphanage (Laurel and Finlayson -- without his mustache -- are dressed up as babies, similar to Laurel's scene in Mother's Joy). The babies wind up being adopted by different families and 20 years pass without the brothers seeing each other. Finlayson grows up to become a rough ship's captain, and he shanghais a well-dressed young man who happens to be Laurel. Stan is put to work on the ship and is the victim of very bad treatment from the captain until he notices a birthmark under Stan's chin. Finlayson has the very same mark, identifying them as long-lost brothers. This comedy got fairly good reviews all around, with the exception of one scene in which the ship's crew all gets sick around the dinner table. Then, as now, seasick humor was not particularly appealing.