Bright Sparks, Vol. 3: Trains, Planes, Boats and Cars (1989)

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Bright Sparks is a 12-part science and technology series created to stimulate children by introducing complex ideas in an entertaining and fun format. Programs blend animation and live-action to offer a fast-paced and imaginative lesson. Animated hosts travel around the globe to demonstrate the wonders of science and modern technology. Volume three, Bright Sparks: Trains, Planes, Boats, and Cars, explores mankind's modes of moving from one location to another. From the horseless carriage to the automobile, the Wright brothers' experimental planes to space shuttles, and from wooden canoes to steel-hulled ships, man has made dramatic advances in methods of travel. Program highlights include segments on a covered racing bike, developments in car safety, and all-terrain vehicles, and trucks. Other programs in the series include Bright Sparks: Animals, Bright Sparks: Water, Water Everywhere, and Bright Sparks: The Solar System.