Breed of Courage (1927)

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Breed of Courage is a vehicle for Ranger, one of a myriad of dog-star rivals to the mighty Rin Tin Tin. The story concerns an age-old mountain feud, with the schoolmarm heroine (Jeanne Morgan) on one side, and the lawyer hero (Sam Nelson) on the other. The hero manages to resolve the conflict, but not before the villain of the piece bundles together a few sticks of dynamite and tries to blow the whole kit and kaboodle to hamburger. It hardly needs saying that Ranger grabs the TNT in the nick o' time, without ever getting his fur mussed. Critics in 1927 were unanimous: There was only one Rin Tin Tin, and Ranger wasn't him!



animal-rescue, dog, family-feud, feud, lawyer, schoolteacher