Bonnie Annie Laurie (1918)

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Although the title to this picture was taken from the Robert Burns, poem, that's about all it took. The story still opens in Scotland, but it is in modern times, meaning World War I here. Donald McGregor (William Bailey) is headed to the front, so old Sandy Laurie (Henry Hallam) makes sure McGregor and his daughter Annie (Peggy Hyland) are engaged before he leaves. While he is off fighting, Annie finds an unconscious man (Sidney Mason) at the shore and nurses him back to health. The man has lost his memory, but he and Annie nevertheless fall in love. Sandy, determined that Annie keep her vow to McGregor, sends the man away. Annie follows him to a hut but is forced back home because of a storm. Sandy, believing the worst, throws her out of his home. The man winds up in London, where he finally remembers that he is Lieutenant Hathaway of the U.S. Army, and he had been on a ship that sank. He goes to France to fight and becomes friends with McGregor. McGregor is blinded in battle and he winds up in a hospital where Annie is working as a Red Cross nurse. She is torn between Hathaway and McGregor, but when McGregor's eyes heal, she does the right thing and returns to Scotland with him.