Bom! (2002)

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Teen idol Eriko Hatsune stars in this wacky comedy about the joys of firearms. While walking home from school, Kyoko is jumped by a slathering salaryman who hoarsely exclaims, "I found you!" while manhandling her. Kyoko makes a run for it and is soon followed by another pervert. Hiding in a shrine, she witnesses a gangster who is fleeing from the cops, stashing his gun near her hiding place. She swipes the weapon and shows it to her friends at school. Her streetwise friend Ranko (Maaya Ono) begs her to borrow it. Up to her miniskirt in debt, she has been forced to repay a loan shark with sexual favors. Her newfound weapon changes the equation, however, and soon Ranko is a free woman. Next, Kyoko's friend Mika (Kotoha) borrows the gun to deal with a trio of punks terrorizing her and her boyfriend. While her friends one by one deal with their problems, Kyoko is plagued with a stalker who videotapes her and posts it on the web. This time, their gun proves to be less effective.