Bogus Cops (1993)

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This undistinguished police comedy from Hong Kong filmmaker Leung Kar-yan was shelved for a year before limping through a one-week theatrical engagement. It's another one of those Cannonball Run-type films in which a group of well-known actors goof around in front of the camera to the amusement of few people other than themselves and their close friends, but this one at least manages to be fitfully amusing in spite of its slipshod production and tasteless humor. Karl Choi (Kar-yan) and Ching But-kam (Eric Tsang) are the laughingstocks of the Royal Hong Kong Police, and things get even worse when Choi's HIV test turns up as a false positive, leading him to believe he is dying of AIDS. Hoping to become a hero, Choi becomes bold and reckless, planning to be killed in the line of duty, thus receiving a ceremonial burial and a legendary reputation for bravery. In pursuit of this goal, Choi goes after a ruthless but bumbling group of terrorists hired by Saddam Hussein to bomb various strategic targets. While Choi is attempting to go out in a blaze of glory, Ching is falling in love with a beautiful prostitute (Veronica Yip) with a speech impediment and a surprising command of kung fu. Gordon Lau, Sophia Crawford, and Chen Kuan-tai are among the familiar faces on hand.