Black Rose II (1997)

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This amusing action-comedy co-directed by Hong Kong filmmakers Jeff Lau and Corey Yuen is actually the third "Black Rose" film, following 92 Legendary La Rose Noire (1992) and Rose Rose I Love You (1993). Like its predecessors, it contains many parodic references to Hong Kong television programs and feature films of the 1960s, and might seem a bit baffling to Western viewers, just as the Austin Powers films might confuse someone not steeped in their specific pop culture background. Jan Lam plays timid delivery boy Hui Chi-mo, who falls for a pretty dance instructor named Yan-yan, but soon discovers that she is really the aging Black Rose (Nancy Sit) in disguise. Rose kidnaps Hui Chi-mo and forces him to be her servant along with Lui Kei (Spencer Lam taking over for Tony Leung), whom she has been holding prisoner for the last thirty years. Lui begs Rose to liberate the real Yan-yan (Desiree Lam) from the clutches of the manly triad loanshark Sandra (Sandra Ng) and she finally gives in, which leads Sandra into directing her gang to attack Rose's mansion for revenge. Fast-paced and funny, Black Rose II isn't up to the level of its predecessors, but is still entertaining enough to be worthwhile for genre devotees.