Biznes sta Valkania (1996)

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Vassilis Boundouris directed this unusual Greek comedy-drama trading on the sexual exploitation rampant in the Balkans following the destabilization of the region, a side effect of the collapse of Soviet influence and years of interstitial conflict. The film centers on what happens when a Greek family taverna decides to modernize. The young son of the owners (Alexandros Logothetis) thinks the key to success is to bring in three sexy Rumanian girls to work as barmaids, so he goes to Bucharest to pick them up. After a side incident in which his van is looted and he is financially wiped out, he returns to Greece with his three new wanton employees. For some odd reason, his parents don't seem to mind this rather unseemly turn of events, especially when the girls' first night is a huge success. Indeed, they even hope that their son will marry one of the imported floozies, if nothing else to possibly cut down on the protection money they have to pay the local police and perhaps get the village priest off their backs. Things take a turn for the worse businesswise when Logothetis and two of his friends fall for the women, restricting their lascivious displays and naturally dampening the spirits of the male customers, whose bawdy expectations begin to go unsatisfied. Eventually, even his sex-crazed sister (Natalia Dragoumi) falls for the brother of one of the Rumanian girls, a thief who has come from Bucharest to work at the taverna. Four weddings conclude the quirky tale, and the upshot is that despite all the inherent themes of world unrest and public debauchery, the Greek family is the strongest element in society, and can absorb anything thrown its way. Maria Sauleal co-stars with Daniela Nane and Rodica Horobet.