Bing Bang Boom (1922)

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This comedy-drama was one of several directed by Fred J. Butler which starred his son, David Butler (who became a director himself later in the 1920s). Bertrand Bancroft Boom (David Butler), nicknamed "Bing Bang" Boom, is a likable young man, who, through no fault of his own, seems completely unable to hold down a job. After the settlement of his grandfather's war claim, Boom finds himself 20 thousand dollars richer, and he is talked into buying a country hotel. Once he gets to the hotel, he discovers that he has been swindled, but with the help of the little town's editor, he gets the best of the local boss, who was the one who cheated him in the first place. Accomplishing this is not easy, and Boom receives a beating from a local tough. Nevertheless, he manages to open up the hotel as a health resort and win the hand of Ruth Warren, the town's prettiest belle (Doris Pawn).