Better Wife (1919)

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American girl Charmian Page (Clara Kimball Young) visits England with her father (Edward M. Kimball). While staying with their friends the Kingdons, Charmian meets Sir Richard Beverly (Nigel Barrie) and his wife (Kathlyn Williams). They have a little boy (Ben Alexander, who played just about everybody's little boy in silent filmdom) who Charmian adores. Lady Beverly is unfaithful to her husband and she is killed in a car accident. The child is seriously injured and Charmian helps nurse him back to health. Richard is having financial difficulties and because Charmian is wealthy and she loves his boy, he marries her. He doesn't love her, however, and worships his dead wife. But Charmian really loves Richard, even when he accuses her of marrying him only for his title. Finally one of his friends tells him what kind of woman wife number one was, and he realizes what a gem he has in Charmian. Clara Kimball Young's star was on the wane in 1919, and this ordinary program feature did not do much for her popularity.