Betrayed (1916)

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What starts off as a light college picture takes a tragic turn. Heart-Of-Oak, a young Indian (Robert Whittier), attends college in the East and becomes a popular athlete. His closest friend is Granville Wingham (Roy Pilcher), and he's in love with Wingham's sister, Carolyn (Gladys Leslie), although she already is engaged to her childhood sweetheart. Heart-Of-Oak's younger sister, Little Fawn (Grace deCarlton) wins a scholarship to the same school, and she becomes romantically involved with Wingham. But he betrays Little Fawn, and Heart-Of-Oak angrily seeks revenge, first by tying Wingham up, then kidnapping Carolyn with the intention of giving her the same treatment that Wingham gave his sister. But Little Fawn stops the whole affair by killing herself in the presence of the two young men. Heart-Of-Oak realizes the folly of his actions and sends the Winghams away.